Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hand Quilting First Step Done

As I got closer to the last lines of quilting around the last block frame, I was surprised at my excitement and joy. Usually I feel this thrill at the beginning of a project. Yet, this is only the first of what I imagine is three steps.

I pulled it off the loom, took it to lay over my queen size bed to examine the back. No wrinkles in quilting and all blocks done. Yes, the 'lump' on the edge near the window is my Cat, Rico. He likes the sunshine there and enjoys mid-day naps.

My next step for hand quilting is to do the floral border. I bought the invisible ink pen and own an 11" cable quilting template that will work perfectly. I think, and have no memory of how it worked before, that 11" is about the most I want to quilt in a sitting.

Tomorrow is a big-city-day. Plans include lunch at a Cambodian restaurant, shopping at Joann's for muslin and batting, and then an over-night stay at a local hotel with an indoor pool. After another swim, & breakfast, then shopping at Trader Joe's.