Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Scrappy Backs

It is my plan to use up as much of the cut squares I have in a bin in my closet. To that end, I want to start by joining the 8" squares. I can use the 10" for the Twister template. These 8"ers are easy to work with and if they have to be trimmed to fit the top, that works for me as well.

Rex's Crow Quilt measures at approximately 60"x70", so my calculations for the back is that it will take 9 squares to make a row, and it will need 10 rows of them to make the back. Its going to be as random as it goes. It will make a nice personal lap or nap quilt, as well as a sweet throw across her sofa when she is not using it. Obviously, this is a photo I found online and not what is on the quilt.

I am resorting the container of 8" squares for the rest of the afternoon so they are ready for the next project.