Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Some time ago, a friend gave me a large shopping bag full of black scraps. I've used them from time to time, but like many things that are just in a pile, it takes more work to sort through everything. I found that true when I made the Fox Mug Rug.  It is unfair to penalize one's self when we experience something out of our control. I learned long ago that there is a pay-off for everything we do, whether it has good results or is challenging.

THEREFORE, cutting and organizing scraps is something within my control. The pay-off for not doing it is wasting time, or being distracted. I asked myself if I wanted to be distracted and my answer is no. And then therefore, I took a few hours to cut and organize. Some that I cannot use will go on to a person who says she wants all scraps so she can use them in appliques. And these are pre-sorted by the color black.

I put some of the really small pieces in the 'pet bed' box, longer strips in the 'Gypsy Orphan' box, and strips for the blocks going into the 'rail fence' back, and then smaller squares into their respective boxes.

The bag still has some larger pieces in it that will work for a Winter Bed Runner I am making. Its not a project I want to deal with right now, so the bag goes back in my closet, a little emptier, but available.