Saturday, March 26, 2016

From One Donation to Another

I joined the local guild twice. The first time, the meetings were a lot of business and I was still working, and going to my own business meetings. The second time I joined a sub-committee group that makes comfort quilts. They had a trailer filled with bins of supplies given to them by families in our community whose quilter (Mother-Grandmother-Aunt, etc.) quilted and had passed on or was no longer interested. So the guild took all the generous gifts. Like other individual quilters, the group soon was over-loaded with fabric, notions and other supplies.  They bundle up some items and raffle them off at the monthly meetings as a fundraiser. The members make and donate quilts for the guild to use in whatever way they choose.

However, in the comfort quilt group, they are responsible for taking these donations and then deciding what would happen to them. Anything not 100% cotton was laid out on the give-away table. Anything that had a holiday theme was also given to any member who wanted to claim it. Used patterns, old thread, partial packages all go on the give-away table. Some very old items were simply tossed. I guess families have no clue as to what is worth saving, so this is the best idea they have to pass things along.

Even large quilting groups get overwhelmed with stash. 

It was in that last meeting I was given some really great prints that no established members in the group wanted to work with. I took those fabrics home and into my bins they went. I did make and donate 3 quilts and then did not renew my membership.

I have been using a lot of what I brought back from the guild. I loved what I brought home, but like so many seasoned quilters, was unsure how to use it. I did go online for ideas, and am making this very splendid quilt for my friend Rex, who is one of the FB14. These are a series of charm squares I cut and pinned that will make up a border. I didn't want to put a photo up that would tell her what I have planned because she sometimes reads this blog and while she knows she can expect a personal lap quilt, she is entitled to the surprise.