Thursday, March 17, 2016

Twister Quilt

My good intentions for making a quilt-size using the Twister template have proven to be more of a challenge than I realized. Its all about the background fabric that also is part of the border.

First is gathering fabrics to make this. The inside of the quilt takes 32 10" squares, plus 15 background squares. Layout can be tricky when its scrappy. When it looks like this, its hard to see the heart that forms the inside pattern. However, experience has taught me that it does come.

Then to cut borders, also from scraps I have on hand. I have the top and bottom borders pinned and one of the side borders ready to go. Directions on the pattern that comes with the template say that it takes 1.25 yards cut 6" WOF. Hah! The scrap I have has something on it randomly and I had to cut around the flaws just to make the 15 squares. The pattern says to make the final border out of scrap pieces that are initially cut from the other three. This is going to take putzie work, but has to be done in order to use up the border fabric. Gahhh!

Anyway, I've been busy with this project for most of the week, and also taking another one to the stage where it is ready for batting. I dislike posting pics of tops because I also take them when I baste and then when the entire piece is finished. This is also a scrap quilt and is pretty wild though perfect for a couple who loves Hallows. Also the guy plays in a band so the skeletons with band instruments are also perfect. Her favorite color is blue and the little A Blocks have blue in them. The A&B Blocks took time to trim them to the same size and I needed two additional blocks of each to go around correctly. Then, it called for a little manipulation to get the alternating A&Bs on around for a border, but I think is turning out great. 

Sometimes, when I need to either quilt or blog, I choose quilting like was done this week.