Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hallows for Mary

I have a very dear Strega sister who has lived in Rochester, NY for as long as I have known her. In a very short while, she is moving to FL. She is one of my FB14 with preferences for Hallows, and blue as her favorite color. As luck would have it, one of my 'kits' starts with a panel. I did some research and found a pattern that calls for scraps. So, of course, I scrapped it out.

One of the borders is built with 7.5" raw edged squares, alternating two different looks, with 6 squares on each of four sides. I think. I've laid them out here for the photo (they are not joined at this point). As it turned out, I needed to make 2 more of each to have them fit. You can see a bit of blue in some of the squares. Why I like that fabric for her is that her husband, also a dear friend, has played in a band all these years. It is such appropriate fabric scrapped from left over scrubs material I was given.

It is going to be a rather busy quilt throw and yet is remarkable already. When I first got the panel, the plan for it was to hand quilt. However, I am ok with machine stitching. Everything but the center panel will be scrappy.