Friday, March 11, 2016

wow..Just Wow

Like Nature, I provide a little food & water for Birds, however, that is the limit of my generosity. Birds have to come to the feeder to eat & fountain to drink, and must watch for predators who know they come to feed & drink. While I trim undergrowth so they can see Cats, Hawks are another thing.

When I pulled out the bird quilts, the first thing I did was to update my 'notes-to-self' to include more of the information for each quilt. When it comes to my Grands, my generosity is limited only by my resources.

The history of these quilts is simple. First, the state bird patterns come from my maternal Grandmother. I started them decades ago and made two sets of 52. However, I didn't finish them by the time my Sons married. They sat for some time. Then, I started quilting.

I calculated how many extra blocks I needed to make each of the seven Grands their own quilt and made what I needed. Then one of the store owners in town helped me design a simple quilt with sashing, cornerstones and borders. I got 7 tops finished and started making backs. Five of those are finished. And then it sat.

Now, it it time to finish and take them to the next step. I began checking seams, and corners. I got to the first 3 tops and have them pinned for re-inforcement piecing. As I did this, there were loose threads to cut. I found a few seams from the white blocks that needed double stitching.

I have learned a lot about quilting since I began this project, and so in the reinforcement process, I plan to add what I have learned. Its always been a truth that all the wisdom in the world doesn't matter until we put what we know into action. Its not what we know that makes a difference. Its what we do with what we know.