Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mug Rugs for May Fundraiser

I support the local Humane Society fundraisers. When I worked the booth last time (just before Valentine's Day), the coordinator suggested that I could make quilted mug rugs for them to sell. The tables are set up in the entry way of KMart, so shoppers see it coming into the store and going home.

A lot of folks ask if there are gluten free and low or no sugar offerings in the baked goods. And they do buy some of the craft items.

I found a piece of fabric in my stash that is long and was about 7.5" wide and quite long. I put together four mug rugs and matched the stripe front and back so I could use a deco stitch that would join the sandwich and run on those lines for both sides. Then I cut binding strips so more of the fabric got used. Luckily, there were scraps of batting in one of my containers too.

Whether or not they sell, I will have made something as a donation. The next event is the day before Mothers' Day in May. I will simply drop these off at KMart early that morning.

The Humane Society here has an office that is only staffed one day a week. They offer low cost vaccinations and spay/neutering services. Also, they do have a program that gives pet food to low income people. The do not take in animals (they are not there often enough to care for them) and yet some members offer foster care and adoption weekends.