Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Feeling Overwhelmed

Battering takes many forms, including what we do to ourselves. There is really only one quilt I want to finish this year and it is a red & white quilt for my younger Son's Partner. It has gone through many steps so far. 

When a person, child or adult, is convinced they cannot do anything right, they are a person living in poverty. It is our birthright to know ourselves as being adequate, and as being worthy. Deprivation of that knowledge is poverty of a hard, hard kind; spiritual and emotional poverty.

Because that red & white quilt is taking some mindful piecing, I wanted to pull out some other projects so I could step back from the R&W for a breather.

That was when I discovered that my bins were chaotic, even with all the organizing I have been doing. How? Anyway, that was when I discovered that one entire bin was filled with projects waiting for batting and basting as their next step. It was in those moments that I started beating myself up for not knowing how many unfinished projects there were. And additionally, I began to beat myself up for taking on more projects this year rather than to finish what I had started.

How easy it would be to fall into the pitty-pot. I would never let someone else treat me the way I treat myself when I recognize a mis-step or when I cope by denial and avoidance. Yet, I do it to myself and increase negative emotions and energy.

Joann's is having a sale this weekend on batting. 50% off, plus a 20% coupon on the entire purchase. I realize that by adding the bulk of the batting to my bins, that they will get stuffed even more. However, unless these projects can go to the next step of being basted and ready for machine quilting, they are as good as being trashed if I don't get to them.

If these projects are difficult for me to see what the next step is, they would be even more difficult for another person to figure it out and find the passion and energy to work on them.

Yes, I feel overwhelmed. And I am going to change that.