Thursday, March 31, 2016

Challenge of Faith

If one of the goals to my quilting work was to learn spiritual lessons, then I think I am in the midst of a huge one. I am not sure if there are words yet for me that are clear enough to share. I pulled out several of my bins to start machine quilting on projects that were basted only to discover that I have an entire bin waiting for the batting. Tops and bottoms are completed, and I have 5 packages of batting just waiting. People sometimes comment that quilting is my hobby. It is not. 

Gardening is a hobby. Adult coloring is a hobby. Even Swap-bot and Cross-posting are hobbies.

For me, quilting is a spiritual practice. Someone asked me if I do this work for myself or for others. 

And this is where the lesson is coming out. Perhaps at my core, I might identify as an existentialist, which is simply identifying with all life existing in time and space. My life is one of silence, solitude, solidarity with life forms, and service. When I forget one of these markers, I can be tossed in the wild winds of world-wide or personal circumstances, and loose my footing as a spiritual being. This is all what I learned at the feet of my grandparents as they talked to each other and other adults. 

They exposed me to free thinking. And to silence, solitude, solidarity and service.