Thursday, October 27, 2016

Advent Calendar Tea Wrappers

My friend Rex is such a creative inspiration for me. She is hosting a series of Journal Pages and participating in an Advent Calender Tea exchange. I did the page with the focus of Ancestors. Of course I didn't take a photo of it.

However, I love Advent Calendars, and although I missed the first round, there was enough paper left from what I did make to cut more out, and keep them. Mine, in this pic, are the top row of 1-5 in traditional wraps. The ones I made for the swap are the teapots, numbered 6-10. They do seem a perfect size. I found Advent Calendar numbers to print and use for them, printing off the full 24, so I will need the number 25 to complete the grouping. The numbers give it the holiday look. I was able to cut another set from this paper group and will wait to make sure I don't get the same partner for the 11-15 swap.

And as for my quilting projects, well, they are all WIPs or works in progress. I am making the Prayer Flag for the Dark Mother Archetype, and a mug rug for a Zombie Eyes swap. And then I think I can move on to my sidebar To-Do list.