Thursday, October 6, 2016

Watching Tutorials

My quilting is slower paced these days because of the yard work. I took to washing the two windows in my studio, which became almost a comedy routine. It should take two people doing it so the streaks can be handled without going outside and coming in again, over and over. Jeeze.

One of the videos I found on You Tube demonstrated a different way to hang the Grinch Advent CalendarsCorner triangles for wallhanging ease   This pic is an example I found that shows the corner triangles. 

I will need to modify the first GAC because the binding is already on it. It can be hand stitched, and the second one can be machine stitched along the corner seams before the hand stitched binding is finished. I've marked the two dowels and will take them back to Home Depot for cutting. A dowel fits horizontally into the corner triangles, & then can hang on a nail.

I got onto one of the video loops, and so spent lots of time watching tutorials on the topic. Evidently, if one brings their quilt to a show, it is expected that a sleeve be a certain size for the rods to hang it. They must have enough give to them so the quilt hangs properly. I've also purchased hardware and given that with the mini quilts. However, in both cases, they were not used. I think this is an option they may choose to take or not.

Its interesting that I am in a learning stage again. While it doesn't seem productive and I have no photos to share, it is an important part of the quilting process. What? Sitting on the loveseat watching videos? Yes. What? Washing windows? Yes.

I have the MN WILD quilt basted and at my machine. Obviously, it is next to finish and must go out soon. My goal was to ship it next week.

Its not having photos. Its not being able to use this computer system the way I did the Mac. I think that life has a way of presenting itself that doesn't always work the way I want it. We want it. Ah life.