Monday, October 24, 2016

Grinchmas Stocking

With still a couple of good size scraps from the Grinchmas fabric, I was able to manipulate the pattern for the holiday stocking over what was left, cutting out both sides of the stocking. Luckily, the pattern calls for a cuff or there wouldn't have been enough length to either scrap. 

Its like the old saying that says: We cannot control all our experiences, yet we can control our responses.

This is the outside, the cuff and heel, as well as the lining. All scraps. When I think of all the projects I got out of those two kits I bought, it was a find. It was an introductory offer and now the price for kits has doubled. It makes it worth it for me. This particular project will go together fast. The heels will be machine embroidered first, then the sandwich with some simple echo stitching to hold it together. Once this is done, it can be sewed right sides together and turned so the inside seam is enclosed. OH, and a sturdy hanging ribbon. He is a guy and may leave this out all year.