Sunday, October 2, 2016

Green Witch of Hallows

I've set up a couple of exchanges on SwapBot for the Witch stereotype of seeing her as green, toothless, haggard. Its a cliche that means for us to forget what really happened. 

Anyway, one project I made was a prayer flag to the Crone. I found this great black fabric with gold 'skeleton' keys on it. I haven't written my commentary about it for my partner. I sewed an empty gold fabric bag on it. It might mean how little she needs to walk in the world and that to pass through the Gates, we have to release everything that holds us back. And the keys are about opening the door between the worlds.

The other one of the projects is a tablerunner made from all the green, and black  5" charms & black with green Halloween prints I could cut to 5" to go along with it. I made it 3 wide for the power of three and 13 long just because that is her number.

Then I pieced the back from some black with white webs on it for the back. And further pieced a Halloween fabric stripe used for the binding. Its good for a tablerunner but will also lay across a sofa or at the foot of a bed. Its not maximizing the torture of women through out the ages, but the recipient will know my intention.

And now I am turning back to the MN WILD quilt. I have an appointment to baste on Tuesday. And I am also finishing up the Grinch Advent Calendars. The pillow forms came for the other Grinch project I want to do, so I have enough to work on for awhile.