Monday, October 17, 2016

Taking Them a Step Further

Is it further or farther? I always forget. Either way, I did find time to work on a few of my current projects. All my life, I have been a workaholic, a Personality Type A. Whatever. I know that as long as I keep busy, I don't feel the little aches and pains in my body. And yes, there are some.

The 12 Days swap needs to be shipped by November 22. That's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and I try to get things out by that week anyway. More than likely, my ship date will be the week before. This is the body of the apron for Day 12. It needs the neck and waist ties, plus buttons on the pocket and neck for decoration. My partner wanted fabric that reads solid and these do. I've pinned the ties and will sew them on Wednesday when I get back from Disneyland. I have one flat box and hope it will fit in it.

Then I got the mug rugs cleaned up and put wonder clips on them for handsewing binding. There are 10 and honestly, I don't know how that happened. Some folks will get two. There is enough fabric left to make a holiday stocking for my godSon, so that is a new project. I am glad to use up the fabric. It is cute but needs a destination.

I found poly batting to stuff the Grinchmas Advent Calendar markers. They are double sided and just are the cutest! So they complete gifts for two families on my list. I think they need to be mailed off with instructions for how to use them as markers in the calendars. I am not sure if people understand marking off time to a big event. They make like them or not.

It does make me feel good to have brought these projects all that much closer to completion. I know it seems ridiculous to some folks to be thinking about end of the year holidays when Halloween hasn't even happened. However, its all about making what I make, and having it shipped on time. It really surprised me when I realized this is October. 

I do have to wait until the stores put out their holiday wrapping paper for the final step in giving what I made to people I love.