Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bouncing From One to the Other

Nothing is really completed. Yet, everything moved along and is getting closer. And I feel good about all the projects.

My godSon's Holiday stocking just needs something for the raw edge of the cuff. I might replace the entire cuff with something a little wider. I followed the pattern but it narrows at the end and, in my eyes, it looks a little odd. I stuffed the toe with tissue paper as there were no instructions about it. Turning was difficult too and I want to find a big bell to sew on the end.

Then I am still working on the binding for the tablerunners. I love these fabrics, and the photo doesn't do them justice. Isn't that a clich├ęd phrase? Well, usually its true. The eye can see more layers of color than is often seen in the more inexpensive camera like mine. That focus fabric is stunning, making the runner reversible. I am a sucker for black accented fabric.

And this last red/green project is a scrappy Yule altar cloth that needs the two red side borders, and then a focus fabric, batting and backing. As I look at it in the photo, it is almost an optical illusion of varying heights. All material in this one will be leftovers from other projects.

There is so much fabric left in my closet that I wonder, first of all how I will use it and secondly, how it will work as the supply dwindles. I've been using my thread creatively too. If one looks close enough at the tablerunner, one can see red quilting thread. Its not visible on the stocking seams, but there as well. I have a big spool of red thread, so it will be used in this altar cloth too and any other place that works. Looking at my to-do list, there is less call of it for awhile. However, there is some unopened neutrals that come out for many of them.

One of the larger bins holds both Hallows and Solstice fabrics. Most are scraps and some are larger pieces. There are no plans for any of it. Another bin holds those cut squares and strips, and I really want to get on with something soon. The third bin holds bags of colorized pieces from small to larger. Then there are smaller bins.

On the other side of the closet are projects. Two bins hold finished quilts. One of those are the bird quilts for the Grands waiting for the last one to be finished. The other bin of finished quilts will be emptied by November for the year end holiday. Then, stacked in the corner are bins of projects either as unfinished or not even started. It is my goal for 2017 to move the unfinished ones to their next stages, and MAYBE start one of the new-for-me projects. I want to do my very best not to buy any fabric unless it is used to finish up something.

It will help my sorting to get the finished ones shipped out. Everything is jammed together pretty tightly and that makes it hard to see what I have.

I do not have any family quilts going out for awhile. Soon enough new people will join. However, I think it doesn't hurt for them to live with what they have for awhile. I'll keep quilting but many of the things on my sidebar to-do list are for my own comfort and joy.