Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Once the Labyrinth was laid, my next task was to set in some of the ground cover plants. Of course, I needed to clean up the small rock wall, so used the leaf blower, and then reset in the stepping stones near that arbor (need to order the new one). I dug up sod in front of the stones, then watered what I put in. This is a pic before starting the work. Its always bothered me that the previous owner didn't stake those trees and let them grow with the pressure of the Western winds, so they lean into the house. They were cut as good as possible with how they grow.

The work I did was around the top of the pic. Perspective is hard with this. I can stretch my arm out to the tree trunk as I pass. Blocks are 16" square. As the stones were overturned and rearranged, numerous Black Widow Spiders scampered around. Time for me to quit. I worked outside until almost noon:thirty, took a shower and had some lunch. 

I finished one of the Grinch Advent Calendars. The triangles make a great sleeve alternative that allows mini quilt to be hung. I am thinking I might include a ribbon that works to hang it over a doorknob or over an existing nail in a wall.

Obviously a lot of my time is taken up with the gardens because soon enough it will get too cold to be out there. My quilting projects are all holiday gifts that will go out in November. No one expects them, so if my time got out of my control and I could not finish them, then its ok.  I will keep working on them as my energy holds.