Friday, October 7, 2016

Straightline Quilting

It has been a true adventure with this process. First of all I watched several videos and then, in my storage bin, found unused attachments to the machine that are geared towards machine quilting. Duh. I just never knew what they were for or how to use them.

Then, I have misplaced my camera. I can remember using it yesterday but it is not in the usual places. It may have dropped into a wastebasket for all I know.

So, using the spare camera, I got pictures of what I am doing on the machine. It can be difficult to see the white thread on the white fabric, and here, it looks a bit bunched, but lays out beautifully on both sides. I am quite pleased with how this is turning out. I elected to stitch horizontally over a fairly long quilt, and will do the borders following the circumference. This kind of quilting with these machine tools takes longer because the guide on my machine lifts up, making me stop, pull it down and shift the fabric. That is most likely a good thing for someone such as myself who needs that sort of discipline.

I plan a trip up to Bakersfield this afternoon and will take a piece of the MN WILD print fabric with me to get some fabric for the binding. My goal is to get this one finished and ship it out next week. I am about half done with the machine quilting.