Sunday, October 30, 2016

Row 4 is Posted

Well dang. Row 4 of this month's Seasons Row Along Quilt is the Flying Geese block. As I worked on piecing those little 2.5" blocks for the first border, the thought came to me that it is so much easier for me to be accountable and have a monthly deadline. All that is true.

With a mystery quilt, however, one must step into the challenges it provides such as working with a block pattern I might not have chosen. This month's Flying Geese is not one I wanted to work with because of the HST (half square triangles). I wanted to stick with squares and rectangles and no longer struggle with those pointy pieces. Here I am, doing what I didn't want to do. I like seeing how others choose to put theirs together so I have options. Already between the two choices, I am leaning toward having one color for the background and scrapping the geese. I have learned over time that too many scraps make the quilt look chaotic and that there needs to be somewhere for the eyes to rest.

This morning I spent time at the machine with the 2.5" piecing and all the while thinking about all sorts of things from my health, the apps I set onto my phone, to people in my life that I don't see or hear from on a regular basis.

My studio floor is filling up with shipping boxes as I get ready to ship things out in a couple of weeks. Soon enough, everything will be gone and there will be spaces for more.