Saturday, October 22, 2016

Holiday Table Runners

There are many things we do not remember from our childhood. Adults remember the child we were. Sometimes its about the feeling I get that warms me when I think of the elders in my family. With only a few exceptions, I love / loved my Uncles and Aunties, and those I simply like. Sometimes I remember certain experiences, but most of the times it is only the feeling. Most of my elders are gone now. Two Uncles left. Five Aunties, and two of the Aunties inaccessible because their health has failed, and they wait a final step away from this good green Earth.

I think the ones I do not remember fondly were simply those who I did not spend time with. I come from a very loving family, all of whom love the children in it.

The third round of piecing is completed on the Holiday Table Runners. This round pieced small blocks into rows. They need pressing and then joining the three rows into what becomes the center. Here, the red strips frame two sides of the white.

There is a full square of wooly thyme outside sitting near the short rock wall that I want to plant today as soon as the weather warms. It won't take me more than an hour and it will be muddy out there in the clay after the sprinklers went off. Sunshine is warming the area right now.