Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Out & IN

Whew, Monday was spent more in the yard. First of all the arborists came and trimmed the heck out of the three trees, much to my satisfaction. So much sun is coming through the windows enlightening the studio. Of course that also means those fierce Western winds will bring on the chill. Hmmm.

Then, the guys came to give an estimate for laying stepping stones for the Infinity Labyrinth around two trees. They will pick up materials, dig the trench, lay out leveling sand and the stepping stones for $200 plus the cost of materials. It will be absorbed by the grant.

I cleaned out the underground sprinklers so they can go off and today checked to see how the ones against the house spray. Another cost and job is for the microsprayers. There are only two sections of how it works and with the microsprayers, water has to be on for hours to get the driplines to work. It is an all or nothing sort of set up.

The grass removal is going along and needs to be done before the Labyrinth is built. Of course, after that, the planting can start. Its a time consuming project that is going to be easier done when weather is decent, and here in the mountain valley, one never knows. Meanwhile, it is essential to get the plants in containers watered.

Inside, I spent time checking seams and clipping threads on the MN WILD quilt. I aligned edges and borders up almost exactly. There is no overlay, and as of right now, I am not sure what I will do on it. First things first. I am really glad to have halved this very large quilt top. This pic shows the borders a bit and the entire quilt will look the same on the top and bottom so whatever quilting I do on it has to disregard the seams, but be close enough to reinforce them. This one has the smallest ones I have ever done.