Thursday, October 13, 2016

Its All Mud

Got outside to sink the Jasmine and a couple of shade plants. Then I noticed the underground sprinkler heads were getting buried by mud, so dug them out. Its not pretty out there right now. Will be. Just not now.

The plan for the re-do is well designed and as things get put in, I realize there are spaces unaccounted for that should not lay bare because the neighborhood cats already think they have a new litter box. Plants will grow to 2-3 feet wide and in the meanwhile nothing else should be planted near them. Hmm. There is a rubber mulch product and the downside is the smell of rubber tires when it is hot. Now I am wondering if that will compromise the Jasmine scent.

My hands hurt last evening so I did not work on the binding project. What I DID do was to sort fabrics (yet again) and restacked my bins. I also measured batting scraps for future projects. I was what I could do. And of course my hands hurt from this morning's work outside. Hurt and are very dry from the mud, so I will be putting lotion on them and not touching fabric. I need to put a movie on and let the lotion sink in.