Thursday, October 20, 2016

Having Lost Momentum

It is clearly a seasonal change outside. Leaves turn color differently here than they do in the Midwest where I am from, so I cling to the sight of reds wherever they present. Winds push them around and soon will detach them from their source. I am grateful that I got outside earlier because it is getting too cold already (with the winds) to enjoy it.

And clearly things are different for me. Arthritis gets worse in my hands all the time, along with those Essential Tremors. I used to take great pleasure in evening hand work and now only want to cuddle under my quilts. And my eyes do not want the strain. I wonder how others manage various issues. It also makes me try to come up with different ways of doing those things. 

I set my goal on the sidebar for 2017 to move all those recognized UFO's to the next steps. They do not have to be finished, just something done on them. I feel quite happy that everyone in the family has a quilt from me, and do not plan to set hard deadlines for anything in the future.