Sunday, October 23, 2016

Double-sided TableRunners

Patience and persistence have become my most recent quilting tools as undramatic as they seem. I have gone the way of exhaustion and 'the push' for too long, and using these new tools will get the job done, perhaps even more efficiently for me.

It is still October and my plan is to ship all the holiday projects out on November 22, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. That gives everyone an opportunity to use up the Fall colors and Harvest themes on their tables and beds. Tops on the runners are done, the batting and backs cut. I decided to echo quilt the squares with red thread. I worked on the first one and it is more work than I realized. Red thread disappears on the back and on the red side strips and looks good on the white. 

I woke with a lot of energy this morning. The ground is quite wet yet the rest of the plants need to go in before it gets much colder. The only things left to do is convert the sprinklers to those drip line watering and to resink the pond so the edges of it are flush with the surrounding ground. There are two zones to the sprinklers, one to the South and against the house watering the trees, and the other to the North which will cover the herbs and what is against the rocks. The pond is almost empty and will be easy to lift up and dig down a few more inches. For now, its wooly thyme. The rest of it could wait until Spring if the weather goes cold.