Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday, Waiting for Saturday

When one lives in a small town, it is important not to have a small heart. It rained here, soaking the ground and relieving me of my duty to go outside and water the new plants. I need to take out the pond and dig its hole a little deeper, plus set in half a container of the Woolly Thyme.

I picked up a couple of boxes to ship the table runners out to my Aunties later in November, and found bells so one of them could go on the toe of the Grinchmas Stocking.

The quilting work here is detail stuff, not really the grand finish worthy of a photo. I am loving the reds and greens for everything, yet do not feel like the transition to Winter Solstice. 

I am still in the Hallows mood and will attend the LA Day of the Dead at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. This is huge and exhausting to drive there, spend most of the day into the night and drive home. Luckily it is Saturday, and the celebration here in town is on Monday.

Meanwhile, I am keeping a low key on all else I do just to keep my energy for both events.