Saturday, October 29, 2016

Row by Row BOM

With all the holiday projects I had going, I kept putting off the Block of the Month / ROW of the Month project. That was not smart. It made me realize that there are a lot of things I do that are really avoidance activities.

This month has 3 blocks that are machine appliquéd. The process is that you draw the patterns onto fusible fabric, then press it onto the the colors for the overall pattern, cut them out to press onto the background and then machine appliqué them on. 

I laid out what was finished on the previous rows to keep the colors in mind. Clearly, this is a WIP (work in process).

Another part of that project is to make a first border, which is going to be from three 2.5" squares joined across and around the circumference. The original pattern calls for two squares, but I want this quilt to be a little larger and plan to do another border or two beyond.

It means emptying out the stash bin before the quilt is even finished. It is an absolutely wonderful use of these squares and the time it took for me to cut them out of leftover projects. And there are always more. If the shoebox shown here is depleted of its resources, then its time for me to cut more as I go. Every once in awhile, I will take a day and simply cut. 

The ROM quilt is called 'Seasons' which leads me to think that there will be four larger rows at 12" and eight smaller ones at 6" making the length 96" and the width 36", not counting the first border. That is odd in my mind. Some women added a 4th block already. However, this is a mystery quilt, so its risky to make changes at this stage. I am not attaching the side borders yet. I also know that it is ok to add inches to extend the quilt in either direction; top to bottom or side to side.

This is the mark of an Intermediate quilter, to be able to make changes to the pattern. Right now, I am going along with the process with a wait-n-see attitude. 

Well, off to Los Angeles!