Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mug Rugs Finished

Ten more mug rugs are ready to go out. 

I received a box from someone who evidently knows me and is obviously a quilter. In it was a note saying that she was sending on things she no longer wanted nor could use. I was to take what I wanted and pass on the remainder in the box to someone else. That is such a good idea.

Receiving love-gifts is unsettling for a person who gives. We are taught it is better to give than receive as if receiving were a bad thing. Yet, because of that, I felt somewhat vulnerable and realized that I was, again, becoming a stranger to the wisdom that receiving is the deepest form of giving. 

I have a list of Facebook friends who wanted one and the rest will go to folks I swap with. They are really quite simple ones, using the fabric and 'fussy' cutting around the images that were leftover scraps. It was simple and simply done. All that red and green. There are more scraps left after cutting out the holiday stocking and they are in a bag, just in case I want to make more. I think its over doing it right now, so there are not any plans for more.

I am working on the two table runners and the stocking all in red and green, with one more table topper to go. Then I think that its enough of those colors for awhile.