Monday, October 10, 2016


I love how it turned out. I love how it put me through many challenges and that facing those challenges pushed me forward one by one. I like the horizontal machine stitches. I like the same sizes of the border around the edges. I like it all.

The photo shows the pattern and even the borders, but it is really hard to see white on white quilting and how the binding blends. The top is the same as the back. It is a taller quilt as I am standing as tall as I am able, and reaching out as far as I am able to stretch. It will be a nice lap quilt for more than one person at a time under it. I reinforced the edge seams at the sides and learned that next time, I will quilt to the raw edges.

And now, onto the holiday projects. I've listed them on the sidebar here, giving some double billing. I want to concentrate, first, on an apron for the 12th Day of the 12 Days Swap. I need to shop for the outside fabric for the apron, plus two half yard pieces for one of the Days. I got shades of purple only to SEE on her application, that she doesn't like purple. 

Now I have purple. I am thinking about a kit project in my closet that wanted to use purples in the hearts of the pattern. It will not go to waste.

Secondly, I want to work on all the Grinch projects that include 6 mug rugs, two pillows, and two Advent calendars.

And to finish up my holiday projects for this year, I bought fabrics for red poinsettia themed table runners for two of my dear Aunties.