Sunday, October 9, 2016

Days and Days

Yes, it took several long days of straightline quilting and one of the lines needs to be re-done, which I will do as soon as I finish the post. I shopped several stores to find the right green for the binding, washed it to test the color and should have it cut, pressed and on the quilt. The next step is to clip it for hand sewing and then finish the binding. I had a goal of Tuesday but am willing to go until Wednesday to get it boxed and shipped.

I fell pretty peaceful about this quilt now, and how it evolved. It wasn't the case as I worked on it. Even the lines tested my sense of order because they were relatively parallel but had waves. Yet the finish of the quilt is quite nice. Will they like it? In one way, I don't care because its not up to me to care. Once it leaves my hands and ships across the country, it is their quilt to like or not, to keep or not, to use or not. 

This represents a lot of freedom and of course, this is what I feel right here and now. It doesn't mean that the next project will elicit the same feelings from me. This one does.