Saturday, October 15, 2016

Grinch Envelope Pillows

Once again, stymied by written instructions, I went onto You Tube where I found many tutorials. Most were for square pillows and most gave measurements for any size. My forms are rectangular and I used directional print. I was confused, still or yet again, over written instructions. I cut according to the written directions and then couldn't get to the next step.

It wasn't hard once I watched everyone on You Tube. Every quilter has her own method and mine seems to combine bits from what I see. I must have watched everyone who posted a DIY. I got it. 

These pillows and envelope cases are going to my eldest Granddaughter for the holidays. I wanted to make cases so she could wash them if she so chose. One tut claimed that using 100% would not be as sturdy as outside chair fabric. Well, this is 100% cotton. Another suggested reinforcing the straight line seam with a zig-zag. That is what I did. Because there are two pillows, it made sense to play with the four pieces that would make up two backs to have them look as much as one piece as I could.

Once the seams were in, it was a matter of clipping corners and threads, turning it right sides out and pressing the seams. They both say MERRY GRINCHMAS on one side and have the print pattern on the other, so there are endless ways they can set them out. I'll send a care note with them so if they need to be washed, they should hold up to it in cold water. Done.

Then I put together fronts, backs, batting and binding for the Grinchmas Mug Rugs. Its a great way to use up scraps. They are ready at the machine to stitch them up. I have more than the 6 promised so will tuck the extras into exchanges on Swap Bot. 

Eleven of the 12 Days Swap are ready to wrap and I've found boxes where needed and have a shipping box to hold them all. I've started cutting the pieces to the apron. So the next couple of days will be easy breezy to get them all done.