Friday, September 30, 2016

What a Joy to Ship Out

There are other quilting projects to ship out and a few to finish up for the season, yet, today, the last finish of the FB14 went out. It was small enough to fit into one of the larger plastic shipping bags so went at half the price it takes to box it.

I was pleased with this one. That Log Cabin pattern is quite versatile. And again, it is a scrappy quilt made by shopping from my closet. The picture shows another pattern of a shadowy light part that is not seen by the eye.

The backside was also done in 2.5" scrappy strips. It makes the quilt reversible for a brighter view. Again, this is a pattern for the scraps but they lay out however they work. It made me smile to see fabrics that had no purpose and some I really didn't even like work out so well. I heard somewhere that the more colors and fabrics in a piece, the less any of them had to coordinate. This is true with this piece. Two very different looks!