Saturday, September 3, 2016

Two FB14 Quilts Remain

Both of the quilts are Fall-themed and actually both have tops and backs finished. They wait for batting/basting/binding and then will be out the door as soon as they are finished. Sometimes it seems that quilting allows me to keep moving. Intellectually, visually, physically, creatively. All sorts of things have become possible for me.

Yet, in the course of my work, I have come to see how energy wanes in any given day. Luckily, with this fabric art, there are parts of it that allow me to sit in the comfy loves eat and hand stitch. I have come to the place of delegating tasks to myself and finding new and better ways to do things, such as going into the clubhouse to work on 2 lunchroom tables rather than on my floor.

Today, like some earlier ones, is a day that I have nothing to show in photos. Just because there are no pics doesn't mean it didn't happen. Quilting is also teaching me to be gentle with myself. I am sure I have a lot of internal conversations about what I could have done better or what wasn't good enough, but I remember a local horsewoman/quilter said to hang your quilt over a fence, and ride a fast horse past it to see how it looks. 

They are supposed to wrinkle more with each washing and comfort those will love who cuddle under them. They do.