Saturday, September 17, 2016

To the Church on Time

Yes, the wedding quilt is completed and will ship out on Tuesday when I take mail out.

It was a bit of a challenge in some ways to get the colors coordinated on front and back using two different patterns. However, I like both sides and think they will too. This first pic is the back and will be the pattern I chose for the MN WILD quilt as well. I like how it uses up scraps!

This second pic is actually the front of the wedding quilt. I had fabrics in a blue batik for the outer border and shades of the same blue on white for the middle border. I used white for the first border or frame for the 9-blocks and really love it along with the back. I will spend a little time making sure all the threads are clipped and printing off some care instructions before packing it. Then off it goes.

Now onto the MN WILD. It needs a border for the front, and then more of the RAINBOW BABY for the back. There is more to cut for both and I would imagine it will be completed in another week or two at the very most.

I have a great sense of satisfaction finishing these two off. They are not family quilts, but both go to very important friends of the family.

I hate to blog about my diminishing health, because I don't want anyone to get concerned. Truth is, everyone has that going on. Aging is a part of life, and with it comes less energy, less focus, less desire to do what we did do when we were younger.

For instance, I never thought the grass would leave the back yard. I love it. But after over 4 years in an unrelenting drought, facts are facts. Grass takes too much water. And while there is water here in the valley, it won't be too long when it will not be available. It makes sense to replace the lawn with hardscaping and drought tolerant plants while I have the energy to do the work.

I dug out a hole in the Eastern garden clay that was twice the size of the pot. OMGoodGoddess! It was challenging. Now the non-invasivive Butterfly Bush is in and watered, even pruned after the blossoms did their thing. There was even a Hummingbird sucking nectar from it!

No, I have to make choices about what I can do while I can do them before someone has to step in and take my choices away. Too many times in my life has someone done that for me and it never felt good. 

Aging sucks. And as they say, the alternative is suckier.