Saturday, September 10, 2016

Quilt Sizes

When a quilt is one of a kind, the size is variable. I wasn't sure about the changes made on the MN WILD quilt because it finishes at 99 long by 75 wide. I want borders on it yet too.

I went to two different quilt measurement sites to determine my next steps. The first one is Quilter's Paradise, the site I use for all the Calculators.

The second site gave me standard quilt measurements used in the stores by commercial manufacturers for all beds from crib to CaliKings, that include mattress sizes, comforters, coverlets, and bedspreads: standard-quilt-sizes

What I know about people receiving a homemade quilt is that they rarely understand what they got, how to care for it and why it is not 'perfect' the way they could get in a store selling pre-fab quilts made in China for pennies. Even though I am shopping from my closet, I might still need to buy supplemental fabrics (good fabric is $10-15 a yard), thread (ranging from $5-10 a spool), and at least a $25 bag of batting to complete the quilts. And shipping for the average quilt is around $20. And then, what is my time worth? $10 an hour? $20? My iron & sewing machine take electricity. I have a huge investment in tools that do need replacing from time to time. It is an expense!

So in truth, when someone tells me they bought a used quilt for $10 in a thrift store, or found one at Walmart for $50 that matches their color scheme, part of me wants to scream. Yet, I quilt for myself because I love it for every reason a person picks up a piece of fabric. All I can do is hope that the person who receives a quilted project of mine likes it. Loves it maybe.