Thursday, September 15, 2016

All the Small Steps to Quilting

I made a set of four to give my Swap-bot partner. I am learning I can only do a certain amount in a given time and that it is enough. I plan to fussy cut at least 6 more images and get them made to sent to a few friends.

I will do all the little things in various increments throughout my day and remember to be grateful that I can do what I do.

These were not thought out as much as I first believed. Yet, the person receiving them will more than likely be thrilled. Now that I see them, I plan to use pieces from the fabric that show them off center and either on a side or bottom of the mug rug. And I plan to make them smaller.
Perhaps working without a pattern means you need to wing-it.

I got one more of the FB14 quilts basted and though the last one is ready, I ran out of pins and am ok moving through projects here. I cut the binding for the wedding quilt and that is next to go on by machine so it can be hand stitched. And now I need to cut borders for the MN WILD quilt and take it to the next step. I am still working on the back.