Sunday, September 25, 2016

Advent Calendars

Today was spent making the calendar form for the Grinch Advent Calendar. Its the part that has batting and is quilted. The day slots come next. I got one form done and prefer not to photograph the steps of it today. I will do that tomorrow. The hesitation comes from dealing with this new computer set up. Its so laborious compared to the Mac. Yes, this is a whine. I also measured for borders on the MN WILD quilt,and need to cut and piece them. 

A day of doing little things. 

I measured for borders on the MN WILD quilt, and need to cut and piece them. I watched NFL games. The Vikings lost; the Raiders won. I KNOW that it is vital to do these little things, and if the camera/computer setup was easier, I would post progressive photos. It is not. It feels like progress to keep moving on them even if there are not photographs to mark the experiences. 

I must say that I fight the side effects of some of the meds I am taking right now. They make me groggy and its hard to push through when I should be resting. Yes, the need for them is realized, but dang, I still fight resting.