Friday, September 9, 2016

Mystery Fabric Challenge

Someone once told me that yesterday's answer has nothing to do with today's problem. Making connections that are alive and breathing are the only real way to move forward with life.

One of the swaps I joined was hosted by another quilter who sent out 6" squares of random fabric to participants, who then, were to make something using that piece in combination with other fabrics. I got a piece of pink with cupcakes on it. Not my style either way.

I went through my 6" pattern files for ideas to make mug rugs (yes, also for those Dr. Seuss ones I offered), and found this. It let me trim down the square to 5" and add brown and red, which ARE more in my stash as colors. I used a decorated stitch to simulate appliqué quilting and think it is sweet. I think that my assigned partner will enjoy having this and I made a connection to two other quilters in a way that was easy for me to accomplish.

Onto the other quilts now over the weekend. More joining on the MN WILD quilt and machine quilting for the wedding quilt. I've made a basting appointment for Thursday and hope to have the pins free by then to do one of the last FB14 quilts.