Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sraight-Line Piecing

This is not a glamorous part of quilting. It is not really behind the scenes as much as it is within the seams. The two quilts I am working on are in finishing stages, yet, those finishes are possibly weeks out. I've taken all those 'piles of fabric' photos and they are simply not worth looking at from anyone's standpoint.

My next steps with them is doing the layout and starting to join rows. Both are getting closer. 

I am also doing the hand sewing for the binding on one that will go out this coming week. It saddens me to notice my physical skills waning, yet they are. I must have gone over both sides of this quilt to clip loose threads at least two times each and still found more. Luckily they are long threads, so easier to see.

My lesson through all this is to keep doing what I can while I can and not get stressed if things are less than perfectly done. If I am not gentle with myself, who will be?