Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why Am I Surprised?

After adding the projects (UFO's every one of them) to my sidebar list, it seemed smart to add a number in front of them so I could actually notice my progress. When I complete a project, I delete it from the list. If I work on it but do not finish it, I will drop it down so it doesn't block me from the others. 

Listmaking is something I have done all my adult life for college, for work, for home, and for every project. When I forget my lists or notes-to-self, I get into trouble. If a project has been left too long without being on a list, it becomes a UFO!!! Then it takes longer to recover, remember and start up again. These 13 projects on my sidebar are in various stages of being done. I might remember why I stopped and put them away, or my loss of memory might be a convenience so that when it gets started again, there is not any past grief to deal with. Its a fresh start!