Saturday, September 24, 2016

What Day is it Anyway?

The homemade gift I am planning for the 12 Days of Christmas Swap is a set of 6 stacking boxes. My partner says she likes pastel fabric that reads solid, or otherwise known as tone-on-tone. So I spent a LONG time going through my stash to find 12 pieces that coordinate as pairs to make these fabric boxes. I don't do pastel and don't have a lot of tone-on-tones. Then there was the size of the squares. I have five pairs and suddenly realized that I should start over and have the boxes fit inside each other and coordinate with fabrics I do have. I have already pleased her with the few things I bought the other day. Long ago, I learned that I do not enjoy making things that I do not enjoy working on.

I also pulled out a costume box for the Disneyland Halloween Night. I stitched together a bag that I will carry as a gypsy pouch or purse. Random from the fabric in the box. Last year, I was over dressed so this year my costume is one layer only. Its further south and so even the nights there are hot and steamy.

These two issues have a lot in common because they are me trying to please someone else. I am the giver of this box, and will do the best I can in many ways to please my partner. I am the participant at the Halloween party and while I want to wear a costume, I also want to be comfortable and enjoy the time spent there.

I got outside and worked in the gardens. I planted a fern in a wooden planter, adding the proper container soil. I added soil to two other planters, one for the turtle to walk around in and eat whatever she wants and the other was for strawberries. I placed the plants but didn't put them in the soil. Just that had me so tired for the rest of the day. And that is ok to stop and watch videos.