Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Somedays I wonder there the time goes. It surprises me when I come here to blog that a day or more has passed. I do quilt every day. Some form of it. I think the challenge that I face is that this system, while it works, is still not my Mac. Whine here.

I worked on a set of 4 Dr. Seuss / Grinch mug rugs and have one of the four with binding on it. Fabric for Grinch is brighter than a lot that I have and what I used didn't please me so I think this might have been why I didn't take pics. Whine.

And that is another issue. Getting them from camera to screen and then here is such a long process. Whine.

I finished machine quilting the wedding quilt and just need to check threads and add the binding. I bought a card today and so might have it ready to ship on Tuesday.

Good goddess.