Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Back in Gear Again

When I laid out the MN WILD quilt, somehow, in spite of my calculations, I put the directional print for the borders on the wrong way. It was devastating. AND the quilt was so much larger than I have ever worked on that I was getting more and more upset with myself.

This morning, however, when it got laid out only half its width across my Queen size bed, the solution was there. Each side border is 6" wide, so it could get cut 3" and the center, which is shown closer here without a border could be ripped, both cut borders sewn to each the top and bottom. WHICH, BY THE WAY, makes the top & bottom to the quilt. That means ripping the quilt down the center, cutting the side borders to 3" each and adding those two borders to the center seams. BOOM!

All that stress. As is shown in the pic, there are two swirls across and three swirls down. Its really quilt lovely. I haven't measured it yet, nor have I made an appointment to baste it. I feel so very happy with this 'soulution'. 

I don't think there is enough of the border fabric left to make the binding, however, it will be measured, so maybe.