Monday, September 19, 2016


It getting more interesting. My stash.

It took me a little while to find the double sided iron-on for the embroidery project I want to do. Once again, I realized the value of those notes-to-self, especially in the form of labels. They need to go on the small containers that are stacked on a top shelf. I need to KNOW what is in each of them. Although they are clear, fabric looks like fabric.

I started writing this on Sunday and here it is just after midnight on Monday. This will be today's blog

Sunday was spent more in thinking about what to do next. I got to Joann's, and bought two seam rippers & a package of 40 curved basting pins. Now I can finish the last of the quilt for this year.

It was apparent that I need to put labels on those containers on that shelf. AND after that, I need to make a project list for 2017. I know. Its still 2016 and there are projects for this year. I have a side-bar priority list including:
  1. MN WILD quilt.
  2. (2) Grinch advent calendars
  3. exchanges for Swap-bot
  4. finish the last two projects from FB14

If I create timing for the various projects, I might be able to move 'kits' along that I started. There are probably more of them than I realize, and the only way to get some order to what might be uncounted projects is with the notes-to-self even if it is slapping a label on the storage box. It is important for me to set quilting goals, to shop from my closet and to get these done.