Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I joined two larger pieces of batting so I can finish up the last of the FB14 projects. I have an appointment to baste on Thursday & will at least get one of two I am taking done. 

This morning, I cleaned the Eastern windows, doing the floors and moving plants around in front of them. I was reading some essays on what house cleaners typically do, and while this might have been OK to assign mine as a task, it was more efficient that I did it myself. In moving things around, I created a sort of plant setup in the windows that would be open to show my kitchen at night for anyone driving or walking by. I will feel just a little more comfortable being out there and usually I am anyway. This is a gated community and most residents are lights-out by 9 PM.

I also dug a hole and sunk a Butterfly Bush (which I hope will eventually be this lush and attract such beauties) in the Eastern garden, and did a fair amount of garden maintenance while outdoors. 

I wonder why I am tired. 

I am finishing up a fifth of the Dr. Seuss mug rugs. I have 6 more to make and am learning as I go. I need to find the designated fabric for the binding on the wedding quilt and get that done. It is to go out on Tuesday (my PO / shipping day each week).