Monday, September 5, 2016

Blocks into Rows

They believed they could and they did. I believe I can too. 

The small blocks for the MN WILD quilt are joined into 16 rows. Now, the challenge comes to ensure that they form the quilt swirl pattern. I don't have enough space on either my floor or queen size bed to do a full layout that makes sense to me.

I don't have the eye for puzzles. It will take me longer to figure out the rest of the layout than it might another person who does puzzles and knows the strategy. This first half is completed, and so next, the remaining 8 rows, starting with #9 to match what is finished have to go on row by row. It might be easier to do it differently, however, I would rather not rip and re-do. Patience. Right? Yah, right.

My morning was spent packaging this week's worth of boxes for shipping out that include quilts and Swap-bot exchanges. I am working on the Hallows gifts for the Grandkids, walking project station to project station. Lots of little small things.