Sunday, September 11, 2016

Not a Machine Gal

I love it when my mechanical things work. When they don't, I freak. Today, I examined my quilted stitches on the first half of the wedding quilt to find that the tension on a row would be fine and then suddenly it went all wrong for a couple of inches. Not every row, not all the time. I set the stitch and expected it to hold. It didn't.

I've been learning patience.

This is an example of what happens. I have choices to make and have been working on flowing, not stressing. Playing with perfection and turning on myself to blame and shame is becoming a behavior of my past. Yet, in truth, it is there when this happens. I say, 'Why didn't you examine a row before going forward'? well, what good would that do if the tension held in an erratic way?

The other choice is to go back, pull out the erratic stitches, pin it and restitch. And yes, checking much more closely than I had done is probably a good idea.

There are no photos of the repair. It just needs doing.