Friday, September 23, 2016

The Ocean Was Great

This beach had very interesting waves coming onto shore from two directions. There were a lot bigger rocks on shore and a beached /dead seal. When I went into the surf, it surprised me to have some bowling ball sized rocks hit my ankles. A very rough surf. But wonderful to feel it, as I wrote, coming in from two directions.

My project was for a SwapBot Hallows swap.  It is a pincushion and I love how it turned out! I might make it just a little differently next time, if I make another, but it is so CUTE. Now as long as the recipient doesn't name it and actually use it...

I spent time shopping for the 12 Days of Christmas swap. My partner used one or two words to answer the questions for her profile and hasn't been replying to the group questions. So I started with what I have. She likes pastels and likes fabric that shows solid (tone on tone). I bought two half yard pieces in purple, and got the one gift she said she would really like (Stiletto). 

I also bought some good muslin and will use it to line the Grinch Advent Calendars. I have the basic pieces cut and now can cut the muslin for backing. I have not looked at the MN WILD quilt yet to see if it is fine or needs some tweeking. Little at a time.