Monday, September 26, 2016


One needs white thread for white fabrics. Seems that the projects at hand need much more white thread than usual. The MN WILD quilt will be quilted in white so I need to purchase enough to get started.

Also the Grinch Advent Calendars need white. This is the backside showing white muslin. It is an echo stitch around the various images on the panel. Both panels were completed with the echo stitching and they are not done. One spool of white got used up.

Then the day pockets, the Grinch marker and the Wreath with the number 25 on it were done for both panels. All with white. I plan to use a red thread to top stitch the pocket sides and bottoms. The panel kit turned out to be well worth the investment and will make great gifts for two families for the holidays. 

Advent calendars are meant to help kids know how many days are left before the big gift-opening holiday comes. Some families let their kids open to ease their whining. Some kids grow up not having any sense of waiting or anticipation. Personally I love Advent Calendars and have an old one that I forget to check every day. Kids.