Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Swap Projects

I shipped off a number of quilts and swaps; some went to the Post Office and some were shipped FEDX depending upon the size and weight of the package. And later in the afternoon, I got a call from the friend I gave the Heart of Music quilt to. It came at a time that her spirits needed lifting and brought the joy of receiving an unexpected package.

The next project I worked on was an apron, again made from scraps. It is a Hallows print on those smaller stripes, easy to construct. I've made several with this simple pattern, with longer ties than is called for so that it will be a fitz-all. The swap is for #12 in the series and is for Cooking/Baking.

The other one I made is for A Pouch of Potions. It was supposed to be a handmade drawstring pouch that is at least 4x6, containing specific things within it, which I have yet to find and include. I didn't have a pattern for it but have seen enough pouches like it to know how to put it together. This one measures 6x6 laid out. It was a scrap I just folded in half for the pouch part and then folded the ends over to create the channels for the ribbon drawstring. It was supposed to be scary, yet I don't really have scary prints and this will have to do.

It makes me laugh to think of all the projects I am making with the fabric in my closet and see how much fabric there is left to use up, as well as how easily what is there fits into something for someone. 

I also made the first of the Dr. Seuss mug rugs. My camera is in the quilting bag that I am taking to the clubhouse so I can use it to work on the MN WILD layout. Pic to follow. I really love the mug rug with the fussy cut Grinch and do plan to make a bunch of them up. If I can get a number of them done, I might make the offer on Facebook if folks are interested. It used up a lot of different scraps including batting and didn't take that long to complete.

This computer setup is not my IMac. I know. Whine. Right? I took a photo of Rex's Crow quilt, but am not sure where it might be on this computer. I've ordered a new keyboard and mouse for it because the one I am using is for the Mac and while I was able to set it up on this one, the mouse doesn't work as a plug-in and sometimes the keyboard will not work. Good goddess, I hate the war between Mac and PCs.