Friday, September 2, 2016

Part of the Plan, Part of the Quilt

OK, so that is a paraphrase from the Pirates movie that was really the quote, 'part of the ship, part of the crew', yet it works here too. I loved those movies and remember how this phrase was meant to say that there is a completion to being 'part of' anything. It is that sense of belonging that we have as members of our groups, families, culture, country. Each part, each person matters.

I laid out half the rows for the MN WILD quilt and the columns for the RAINBOW BABY back for the wedding quilt. The pattern did not have the size for the pieces that fit here. It shows them in the picture on page one of the instructions. Laying out was the only way to see there was something missing. Then I noticed a top and bottom edging in the photo that was also not in the pattern. This one was easy.

The swirl layout is more complex. I did 8 rows which make the quilt top half way done. This swirled ribbon effect is hard for me to see with my naked eye, but the photo revealed an arm of the swirl (in the middle of this pic) that got turned, also easy to fix. This is also half way pieced. The errant seams are ripped and ready to re-pin and re-piece for the next step on both quilts.

I have to say that this step of laying out and checking was part of the plan. I am not good doing puzzles and need to check my work before going too far. I am happy with what I found and how few re-dos there actually are. Getting there.